How to Live with an infected  person at home?

How to Live with an infected person at home?

Covid-19: In Portugal, many of the confirmed patients with mild systems are not hospitalised. There is no need. Not all patients will experience severe symptoms and the mildest cases can be followed at home, as long as they have hygienic conditions for that and follow the recommendations of health authorities. A scenario confirmed by the Minister of Health Marta Temido and the Director-General of Health Graça Freitas in their statements.

In these cases, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there must be a caregiver or family member present, who must pay attention to the following issues:

Separate rooms

Ideally, the remaining residents of the house will temporarily move to another home, with the exception of a caregiver. Preferably, a healthy person, without compromised immune system and without chronic diseases. But, if this is not possible, it is advisable to have a social distance from the patient – always with a minimum distance of one meter – and remain in different rooms. The patient should remain alone in a well-ventilated room, with the door open and where there is a window.


Also, the movement of the infected patient around the house should be reduced to what is essential and avoid shared spaces, such as the kitchen and bathroom, if there is a possibility (which, once again, should be kept as ventilated as possible).


Do not share sheets, towels, plates, cutlery and after use wash these objects well, with hot water. The same is true for all surfaces, rooms in the house used by the person with Covid-19. At this moment, everything indicates that the biggest contagion of this new viral pneumonia is caused by contact with contaminated surfaces. It is convenient to clean the room where the person spends the most time every day, disinfect the furniture, door handles, switches with detergent and then apply bleach or disinfectant , avoiding as much as possible touching directly on objects such as toothbrushes, cigarettes, sponges of the contaminated.

Redoubled attention to the bath room. If there is only one at home and therefore you have to share it, this room should be disinfected at least once a day, and in the case of the toilet after each use. The person responsible for cleaning must wear a mask and gloves.

In relation to the waste made by the infected person, it must be isolated, closed in a bag and then in a bucket with a lid also properly covered with a plastic bag.

Washing of clothes

Clothes, towels and sheets used by the patient should not be shaken. It is best to go directly to the washing machine in a program between 60 and 90 degrees and then let it dry.

Wear gloves and protective clothing to pick up clothing.

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