A different Summer …continuing to take care of our Life in Common!

A different Summer …continuing to take care of our Life in Common!

Covid-19: It is with deep emotion that I address these words to you, after three months of intense work in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, in this moment of great hope and times to relearn how to live in community. We continue, day by day, to make efforts to turn the municipality of Loulé into a place with a low impact of the new coronavirus, despite the uncertainties that are still present and must keep us attentive and active. You can count on us to put Public Health at the centre of our decisions, along with ensuring strong support for the local economy and families.

In these months of lockdown, the municipality was on the ground on a daily basis, side by side with the Health and Safety professionals, with our professionals – Firefighters, Civil Protection, Social Action, Cleaning, among many others – to ensure a rapid response to the pandemic and to promote the well-being of all those affected by Covid-19.

During this “different summer” our priority is to continue to ensure the dignity of the living conditions of our citizens, to encourage the development of the local economy and to promote the conditions for a safe enjoyment of our municipality.

The Editing of the Municipal Agenda is essential for us to inform you about the gradual recovery of the cultural, sporting and entertainment activities that are being carried out in accordance with the requirements of the General Directorate of Health. This is fundamental for us to gain confidence when using common indoor or outdoor spaces, to recover affections by strictly complying with today’s rules – social distance, respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene.

In order to ensure the Public Health of all we have decided to cancel all major events in the municipality in the summer months, carrying out only activities that meet the necessary conditions and that do not invite the gathering of people for long periods of time enabling at the same time the work of the local cultural and economic agents.

This summer we invite people to rediscover our natural and cultural landscapes in safety, to taste the flavors of the land and the sea, with all the precautions of Public Health and to buy in local shops, rediscovering our crafts and the sympathy of our personalized customer service.

We challenge you to enjoy our terraces safely, because we foresee the possibility of increasing them, and to visit the Quarteira Summer Market, at the Filipe Jonas Market, with handicrafts and local food, from July 1 to September 13, with all the safety measures fully taken into account.

The Handicraft Markets will take place on Saturdays in Loulé, in the Historical Centre and on Sundays in Quarteira in Praça do Mar following all the Health requirements. This is a decision that will allow the development of a fundamental activity for many local families.

Inspired by the words of Tolentino de Mendonça, on June 10, our municipal work continues to follow the motto “Caring for life.” Because for us, as for the poet, “There is no greater, humbler, more creative or more actual mission.” So, you can count on us!

We hope this is a Safe Summer for all of us, always keeping in mind that it depends on our own actions!

Vítor Aleixo, Mayor of Loulé

* Article originally published in AGENDA MUNICIPAL DE LOULÉ OF JULY 2020

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